Ammonia Fueled Irrigation Pump System Announcement by Hydrogen Engine Center

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Jeff, one of our readers alerted me to an announcement that is definitley worth sharing. Hydrogen Engine Center, Inc., one of the stocks (HYEG) on the stocks page made an announcement that they will be working with Sawtelle & Rosprim to design and build the world’s first Ammonia Fueled Irrigation Pump System. This is intended to help California meet its new emissions requirements scheduled to go into effect in 2010. Hydrogen Engine Center, (HEC), is building a prototype system based on HEC’s ammonia-fuelled engines and Sawtelle’s pumps. They want to test the prototype for the California irrigation season in 2007 and if all goes well, they are hope to sell the system to California in 2008. A few other interesting things from that press release:

  • ammonia is the second most prevalent chemical in the world.
  • an infrastructure for ammonia is already in place
  • ammonia pipelines can be found in many areas of the United States, including Iowa, and distribution of the fuel is already established. Will be interesting to see what happens with this, HEC is seeing a nice pop today of almost 10%. Jeff also let me know that the ammonia announcement follows the news last month that HEC entered an agreement with Grasim to fuel generators using waste hydrogen from their chlorine manufacturing process. Thanks Jeff for letting us know.

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