Annual Alternative Energy Market Survey

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The Distributed Energy Financial Group LLC (DEFG) and Market Strategies Inc. (MSI) released, on Wednesday, the results of their Third Annual Alternative Energy Market Survey. This report is based on a online survey of 450 “industry leaders”. Unsurprisingly, survey participants remain very bullish on revenue growth in the sector, expecting aggregate revenues to grow by 87% in 2007. That growth, several agree, will continue to be driven in part by strong support by various levels of governments. Some other interesting bits information from the survey: – While energy is forecasted to continue being a main driver for industry growth, demand management and energy efficiency are now seen as appreciably contributing to that growth as well. This is because technologies such as smart metering provide tangible and immediate economic benefits to customers. – Some good opportunities for growth now appear to lay with governments and the residential segment (see point above) – Wind, solar and biofuels are forecasted to remain strong to 2012 – no big surprise here – Tax credits are perceived to be the most powerful tool governments can use to foster expansion in alternative energy


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