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List of Clean Energy and Alternative Energy Mutual Funds

Alternative energy and clean energy mutual funds are open-ended funds that invest primarily (at least 50% of the portfolio) in the securities of clean energy and alternative energy companies.  Closed-end funds are included in the list of alternative energy and clean energy ETFs. This list was last updated on 2/20/2021. Allianz RCM Global EcoTrendsSM Fund (ADGLECO.TT) Calvert Global Energy Solutions Fund Class A (CGAEX); Class C (CGACX) Calvert Green Bond Fund (CGAFX) Ecofin Global Renewables Infrastructure Fund (ECOIX) Erste WWF Stock Environment CZK (AT0000A044X2.VI) Eventide Multi-Asset Income (ETNMX) Fidelity Select Environment and Alternative Energy Portfolio (FSLEX) Firsthand Alternative Energy (ALTEX) Gabelli ESG Fund Class AAA (SRIGX); class C (SRICX) Guinness Atkinson Alternative Energy...

Strong Returns Continue for Alternative Energy Mutual Funds and ETFs

By Harris Roen Alternative Energy Mutual Fund Returns Alternative energy mutual funds have posted extremely strong returns across the board. Gains have shown a wide breadth, with all MFs up for the last 12-month and 3-month periods. In the past year, all funds are up double digits. A new fund has been added to our tracking system, Calvert Green Bond A (CGAFX). This fund started trading in November 2013, and is the first green open end bond fund designed for retail investors. CGAFX focuses at least 80% of its assets on “…opportunities related to climate change...
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