Capstone Introduces a New Generation of MicroTurbine Energy Systems

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Capstone Turbine Corp (CPTC) announced that next month the company will begin shipping an enhanced line of 65-kilowatt microturbine models that will replace its popular C60 series of power and heat generators. The new natural gas fueled C65 and C65-ICHP (with factory-integrated heat recovery) will deliver higher electrical and thermal output without any change to the product’s weight and dimensions, which are much lighter and more compact than similar capacity generators. This reduces footprint requirements and enables greater flexibility in indoor, outdoor and rooftop setting. [ more ] Capstone also released news that the new C65 model will also be retrofitted so that it can use waste gases from landfills and sewage treatment plants as an alternative to natural gas. The stock gapped up this morning over 6% and looks like it is trading nicely off the current near-term support levels of $3.50. cpst_20051206.png I will be adding to my current holdings of this stock this morning in the Marketocracy mutual fund. This will bring my total up to 2/3rds of my planned holdings for this stock.


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