Spire Provides BIPV Systems to Chicago’s Green Commercial Center

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Spire Corp (SPIR) announced the completion of Building Integrated Photovoltaic (“BIPV”) Systems at the Bethel New Life Lake-Pulaski Commercial Center. The commercial center, located on the West Side of Chicago, will house a day care facility, commercial enterprises, a clinic and employment services. The Lake-Pulaski Commercial Center has two BIPV systems. One, approximately 25 kilowatts in size, is a roof-tile system; the other is a 7-kilowatt awning system. The BIPV awning system is the first commercial building appearance of clear back-sheet photovoltaic modules locally manufactured by Spire Solar for a greater appeal to aesthetics. The awnings will improve the building’s year-round energy performance, reduce glare and increase occupant comfort. [ more ]