Community Solar Providers In National Grid Territory

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See the Buyer’s Guide to New York Community Solar for details on how New York community solar works and lists for other utility territories.

Abundant Solar Power 10% discount subscription model Contract to be signed
Amp Energy Mostly 10% subscription model 12-month contract with auto-renew option, termination fees waived with proper notice
Astral Power 10% discount subscription model (Broker for solar farms) No cancellation fee. Bill needed in customer’s name $100 check and $100 donation to Regional Food Bank of Northeastern NY
Ampion 10% discount subscription model Free cancellation at any time, excess credit is banked
BlueWave Solar 10% discount subscription model (Broker for solar farms) Links to own development as well as any external ones. Available services in your area found through ZIP code search.
Community Power Partners 10% discount subscription model no cancellation fee with 90 days notice, no credit checks and no payment information required
East Light Partners 10% discount subscription model 90-day cancellation notice, allocation revisited quarterly
Eden Renewables 10% discount subscription model Monetary credit system
Nautilus Solar Subscription based model Partnered with Arcadia, need to check availability through the website
Nexamp Inc. 10% discount subscription model No cancellation fees and long-term contracts
Oya Solar Inc. 10% discount subscription model Contract for specified period needs to be signed
US Light Energy 10% discount subscription agreement No credit checks, 90 day notice before transfer, available to renters too
Renovus Solar Purchase Model with small annual maintenance fee Panel custom-built to suit need, credits forwarded to electricity bill Use code “AltEnergyStocks” for $100 off
Summit Solar Capital LLC Presumably 5% discount subscription model
Montante Solar Fixed price per year below the utility rate – does not change over the course of agreement Panels are sold in blocks with specific purchase costs. On last checking, there seemed to be a waiting list for some block sizes
RER Energy Group Purchase costs for panels and annual maintenance fee Older development so likely to be waiting list
Source Renewables Unclear; there seems to be fixed and reduced power rate Termination and Transfer fees applicable
GreenStreet Power Partners Projects with 10% discount subscription models as well as a fixed rate discount model  Cancel anytime with 60 days notice
Omni Navitas ??
Solstice 10% discount subscription model Flexible contract, cancellation with advance notice $150 gift card and $150 donation to United Way

5% discount subscription model No initiation/cancellation fees, 25 year plan duration  




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