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I’ll pick 2-3 from this list, based on reader response to this poll, for future articles. You can vote for more than one company. – tom


  1. Tom, with your vote on, I’d like to suggest a small Australian company I’ve been following lately: Dyesol ( They develop dye-based solar cells and try to incorporate them into metal building products and windows. It would be great to get your opinion on this company… many thanks, Peter

  2. IMHO, next to wind (and maybe more than wind) this is the most sustainable and widely available electric generation source. My brother did the model for the USGS back in the 70’s for a 10MW power station and found that there are usable source wells almost everywhere from Maine to California. I’ve always wondered why it has never been put to use (except that from a business view it doesn’t generate long term refueling revenue, just electricity).

  3. I’ve never looked into them, so I can’t say I have any opinion. If you’re a regular reader, I’m sorry you missed your chance to get this into the poll; if not, the whole point was that regular readers would be the ones giving suggestions (there was a 6 day window.)

  4. Hydropower: The Renewable Energy Elephant in the Room

    There is a form of renewable energy which accounts for approximately one sixth of world electrical generation, and unlike wind and solar has a natural form of storage which costs a fraction of any other form of elec


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