My Christmas Present To Readers: A Quick Look At Your Favorite Stocks

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by Tom Konrad, CFA

Several readers have been leaving comments on my articles about the stocks they think I should include in my upcoming “Ten Clean Energy Stocks for 2015” list.  So far, I have not found one that gets me interested, but I have gotten useful ideas from readers in the past.  So now’s your chance:

Leave a comment here about your favorite clean energy stock, and why you think it’s a great pick for 2015.  I’ll publish a compendium of your suggestions, along with my reactions to them in January.  But I’ll try to look at them all before I finalize the 2015 list on December 31st, just so you have a chance of what you really want: me writing about your favorite stock every month for the next year.

Happy Holidays!


PS: Please limit your requests to one US-listed stock each. I’m not Santa Claus, and can only climb down so many chimneys in a night.


  1. Time to take another look at KNDI and all their EV plans 🙂 it’s been quite the year since you exited – it had a wild ride this year, it’s back down to where it started at the beginning of the year, and there have been exciting new developments, though management communication/transparency is still poor.

  2. Check out Solar Power INC (SPOW)
    They have done quite well since receiving a rescue package earlier this year and have focused on the chinese domestic PV market

  3. How about Blue Sphere (BLSP)? It ‘s a relatively young company that aims to build, own and operate waste-to-energy plants. They recently announced plans to purchase seven waste-to-energy facilities in Italy to create immediate revenue for the company. Thanks, Jakob


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