From Solar 2009: Investment Opportunities in Solar Stocks: Solar Millennium (SMLNF.PK)

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Tom Konrad, Ph.D.

This is the third in a series of entries on opportunities in solar stocks, based on a panel at Solar 2009.  The the first article introduced the panelists, and took a look at the solar sector as a whole.  The second was about First Solar.

Allen Goodman  on Solar Millennium (SMLNF.PK)

"Project developers [such as Solar Millennium] stand out because of their ability to have a relationship with the customer."

Peter Lynch on Solar Millennium (SMLNF.PK)

"I liked Solar Millennium before it ran up to $90 last year, I liked it at $90, and I like it today at $16."

Investment Action

Solar Millennium closed on May 15 at $17.75.  That’s over $16, but a lot lower than $90.  If you’re looking to buy a solar stock despite the scary market conditions I discussed in the first part of this series, Solar Millennium should be at the top of your list.  Since it’s a Concentrating Solar Thermal Power (CSP) developer, an exciting technology I recently highlighted for its ability to produce dispatchable power.  It’s one of the rare developers that has show it can build real plants (that differentiating factor Allen Goodman spoke of.)


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