Pick the Next Stocks I Research

I plan to write about a couple of the companies that readers asked about two weeks ago.  I'd like to research the ones of interest to as many readers as possible.  Let me know! polls - Take Our Poll UPDATE: I'll publish articles on CPTC.OB and PSUD.PK soon. If the stock you want to know about is not in the poll, please leave a comment here, and I'll do another round at a future date. Tom

Poll Question – What alternative energy sector do you think shows the most investment...

This poll opened on January 31st, 2007 and closed on February 1st, 2007. Total voters for this poll: 158 Solar 27% (43 votes) Ethanol 21% (33 votes) Fuel Cells/Hydrogen 17% (27 votes) Wind 11% (18 votes) Coal-to-Liquids 8% (13 votes) Geothermal 4% (6 votes) Other 11% (17 votes)

Poll Question: What is your primary motive for investing in clean tech?

This poll opened on February 7th, 2007 and closed on February 8th, 2007. Total voters for this poll: 71 social and environmental responsibility 39% (28 votes) short term return on investment (momentum) 15% (11 votes) long term return on investment (secular) 41% (29 votes) I'm not sure why I'm invested in clean tech! 4% (3 votes)

Poll Question: When can we expect federal climate change legislation in the US?

This poll opened on May 2, 2007 and closed on May 4, 2007 Free Poll - Take Our Poll

My Christmas Present To Readers: A Quick Look At Your Favorite Stocks

by Tom Konrad, CFA Several readers have been leaving comments on my articles about the stocks they think I should include in my upcoming "Ten Clean Energy Stocks for 2015" list.  So far, I have not found one that gets me interested, but I have gotten useful ideas from readers in the past.  So now's your chance: Leave a comment here about your favorite clean energy stock, and why you think it's a great pick for 2015.  I'll publish a compendium of your suggestions, along with my reactions to them in January.  But I'll try to look...

Getting to Know AltEnergyStocks.com Readers

In order to improve AltEnergyStocks.com, we're trying to get to know our readers better. We've put together a short survey, and in order to make it worth your time to tell us about yourself and how we can improve the site, we're offering an incentive.  One respondent will win a copy of Investment Opportunities for a Low Carbon World, of which Charles has reviewed the Wind and Solar and Efficiency and Geothermal chapters so far. Please take a few minutes to complete our short reader survey. Thanks! The AltEnergyStocks.com Team Note: This contest will end when we...

Poll Question: Which alternative energy sector is currently the most undervalued?

polls - Take Our Poll Results of 62 Votes Aug 2&3, 2007

And the Winners Are…

The results of last week's poll: Answer Text Votes % Lithium Technology Corp (LTHU) - Batteries 64 14% Evergreen Solar (ESLR) - Solar PV 62 13% US Geothermal (HTM) - Geothermal 61 13% Ocean Power Tech (OPTT) - Wave Power 49 11% Electro Energy (EEEID) - Batteries 49 11% China Wind Systems (CWSI.OB) - Wind Turbine Parts 47 10% AAER Inc. (AAERF) - Wind...

Poll Question: How do you promote alternative energy?

This poll opened on March 29, 2007 and closed on March 30, 2007. How do you promote alternative energy? Check all that apply. Total voters for this poll: 46 invest in alternative energy stocks 18% (38 votes) support regulation of carbon emissions 13% (26 votes) support renewable energy standards 13% (27 votes) live an energy efficient lifestyle 15% (30 votes) vote for candidates who support alternative energy 13% (27 votes) buy green power 8% (16 votes) use alternative...

How much would you pay to fill up?

I'm collecting some info to test an idea I have about human behavior... this is fodder for a future article. web surveys - Please take 30 seconds to respond to the poll. Thanks. Happy New Year!

Poll Question: What is the most important risk associated with investing in pure-play environmental...

This poll opened on March 14, 2007 and closed on March 15, 2007. Total voters for this poll: 62 oil prices 21% (13 votes) political volatility 7% (4 votes) investing in the wrong sector 10% (6 votes) picking the wrong company in that sector 39% (24 votes) diversified players like GE prevailing and the pure-plays being swallowed up 18% (11 votes) other 5% (3 votes)

10 Clean Energy Stocks: Returns Through February/ Poll

by Tom Konrad Ph.D., CFA I'm experimenting with how to display the returns of the 10 Clean Energy Stocks model portfolio.  My Patreon supporters seem fairly evenly split between the two options show below, so I'm opening the poll up to my broader readership. You can see the two most popular options below (with real return data through the end of February) and take the poll here. Comments are welcome as well. DISCLOSURE: Long all stocks in the model portfolio.

Canadian Tax Withholding In IRAs (Poll)

The Canada-US Income Tax Convention provides for the withholding of a 15% or 25% income tax on dividends and interest on dividends payed on Canadian Securities to US residents.  (This includes many of my favorite green income stocks.)  Most people can qualify for the reduced rate by filling out the NR301 Canadian tax form.  Others, such as charitable organizations and retirement accounts qualify for an exemption. Many custodians don’t get this right, and recovering improperly withheld payments is considerable work, when it’s possible at all.  Canada requires one form NR7-R form per security and per dividend payment, plus supporting...

Readers’ Choice

I often get questions from readers asking me what I think about this alternative energy company or that one.  Much of the time, I simply have to say "I haven't researched it."  What can I say, I'm not Jim Cramer.  Even when I do have an opinion, and the question is left in the comments (my rule is, if you want free advice, you have to be willing to share,) it's probably not researched in the depth that the person was hoping for. For all of you wondering about my take on a specific stock, please let me know...

Vote on What I Should Research Next

I'll pick 2-3 from this list, based on reader response to this poll, for future articles. You can vote for more than one company. - tom Which Companies Should I Write About ( polls)

Poll Question: What percent of your investment portfolio does clean tech comprise?

This poll opened on February 16, 2007 and closed on February 17, 2007. Total voters for this poll: 60 0% 18% (11 votes) 1-10% 20% (12 votes) 11-20% 13% (8 votes) 21-30% 7% (4 votes) 31-40% 2% (1 votes) 41-50% 17% (10 votes) 51-60% 2% (1 votes) 61-70% 2% (1 votes) 71-80% 5% (3 votes) 81-90% 3% (2 votes) 91-100% 12% (7 votes)
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